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Alger County MI Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 182 Lakes in Alger County

Alger County Lakes

1 Ackerman LakeAlger CountyMI14 acres
2 Al's LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
3 Aleck LakeAlger CountyMI23 acres
4 Ames LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
5 Anna Marsh MarshAlger CountyMI34 acres
6 Au Train River BasinAlger CountyMI1,022 acres
7 Au Train LakeAlger CountyMI830 acres
8 Au Train RiverAlger CountyMI870 acres
9 Baldy LakeAlger CountyMI64 acres
10 Bar LakeAlger CountyMI59 acres
11 Bass LakeAlger CountyMI35 acres
12 Bay Lake (East)Alger CountyMI61 acres
13 Bearfoot LakeAlger CountyMI28 acres
14 Beaver LakeAlger CountyMI765 acres
15 Blue LakeAlger CountyMI31 acres
16 Branch Lake (West)Alger CountyMI137 acres
17 Buck LakeAlger CountyMI18 acres
18 Bunting LakeAlger CountyMI53 acres
19 Burrell Lake #3Alger CountyMI6 acres
20 Burrell Lake #2Alger CountyMI12 acres
21 Carp LakeAlger CountyMI16 acres
22 Carter LakeAlger CountyMI15 acres
23 Casey LakeAlger CountyMI22 acres
24 Chapel Lake (Little)Alger CountyMI6 acres
25 Chapel LakeAlger CountyMI58 acres
26 Cherry LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
27 Clay Pit LakeAlger CountyMI40 acres
28 Cloverleaf Lake (West)Alger CountyMI12 acres
29 Cloverleaf Lake (East)Alger CountyMI11 acres
30 Cloverleaf Lake (Central)Alger CountyMI21 acres
31 Cluster Lake (East)Alger CountyMI19 acres
32 Clyde LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
33 Coles PondAlger CountyMI8 acres
34 Cook LakeAlger CountyMI125 acres
35 Council LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
36 Cranberry LakeAlger CountyMI19 acres
37 Crooked LakeAlger CountyMI62 acres
38 Davies LakeAlger CountyMI44 acres
39 Deadman's LakeAlger CountyMI45 acres
40 Deer LakeAlger CountyMI266 acres
41 Deerfoot LakeAlger CountyMI42 acres
42 Doe LakeAlger CountyMI35 acres
43 Dorsey LakeAlger CountyMI37 acres
44 Duck LakeAlger CountyMI14 acres
45 East LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
46 Echo LakeAlger CountyMI224 acres
47 Ewatt LakeAlger CountyMI21 acres
48 Fish LakeAlger CountyMI150 acres
49 Forwall LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
50 Fox LakeAlger CountyMI10 acres
51 Furnace LakeAlger CountyMI18 acres
52 Ginpole LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
53 Gopher LakeAlger CountyMI18 acres
54 Grand Sable LakeAlger CountyMI627 acres
55 Grant LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
56 Grass LakeAlger CountyMI65 acres
57 Grimes LakeAlger CountyMI31 acres
58 Gypsy LakeAlger CountyMI35 acres
59 Half Moon LakeAlger CountyMI31 acres
60 Hammond LakeAlger CountyMI45 acres
61 Hemlock LakeAlger CountyMI34 acres
62 Hike LakeAlger CountyMI3 acres
63 Horseshoe LakeAlger CountyMI16 acres
64 Hovey LakeAlger CountyMI99 acres
65 Howe LakeAlger CountyMI87 acres
66 Ionia LakeAlger CountyMI46 acres
67 Irwin LakeAlger CountyMI10 acres
68 Island LakeAlger CountyMI32 acres
69 Joes LakeAlger CountyMI72 acres
70 Kennedy LakeAlger CountyMI32 acres
71 Kingston LakeAlger CountyMI250 acres
72 Kinsey LakeAlger CountyMI28 acres
73 Kitten LakeAlger CountyMI10 acres
74 Lake Dam LakeAlger CountyMI69 acres
75 Lambert LakeAlger CountyMI33 acres
76 Lavender LakeAlger CountyMI21 acres
77 Legion LakeAlger CountyMI34 acres
78 Lion LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
79 Little Beaver LakeAlger CountyMI39 acres
80 Little Round LakeAlger CountyMI24 acres
81 Long LakeAlger CountyMI117 acres
82 Loon LakeAlger CountyMI25 acres
83 Lost LakeAlger CountyMI106 acres
84 Mallard LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
85 Mallard LakeAlger CountyMI19 acres
86 Man LakeAlger CountyMI20 acres
87 McComb LakeAlger CountyMI59 acres
88 McKay LakeAlger CountyMI60 acres
89 McNeil LakeAlger CountyMI19 acres
90 Mervin LakeAlger CountyMI15 acres
91 Miners LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
92 Mirror LakeAlger CountyMI37 acres
93 Mitchell Lake (West)Alger CountyMI21 acres
94 Mitchell LakeAlger CountyMI121 acres
95 Moccasin LakeAlger CountyMI77 acres
96 Moccasin LakeAlger CountyMI42 acres
97 Moose LakeAlger CountyMI51 acres
98 Muddy LakeAlger CountyMI35 acres
99 Nawakwa LakeAlger CountyMI399 acres
100 Nevins LakeAlger CountyMI287 acres
101 Newton LakeAlger CountyMI25 acres
102 Niemi LakeAlger CountyMI19 acres
103Lake Nita Alger CountyMI12 acres
104 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
105 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
106 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI10 acres
107 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI11 acres
108 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
109 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI11 acres
110 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI5 acres
111 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI10 acres
112 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI14 acres
113 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
114 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
115 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI7 acres
116 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI9 acres
117 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI10 acres
118 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI10 acres
119 No Name LakeAlger CountyMI8 acres
120 Noble LakeAlger CountyMI69 acres
121 North LakeAlger CountyMI6 acres
122 Nugent LakeAlger CountyMI126 acres
123 Otter LakeAlger CountyMI65 acres
124 Owl LakeAlger CountyMI24 acres
125 Palmer LakeAlger CountyMI5 acres
126 Pan LakeAlger CountyMI11 acres
127 Panther LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
128 Paquette LakeAlger CountyMI35 acres
129 Paulson LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
130 Pelican LakeAlger CountyMI16 acres
131 Perch LakeAlger CountyMI121 acres
132 Pickerel LakeAlger CountyMI16 acres
133 Pickerel LakeAlger CountyMI67 acres
134 Porky Lake (North)Alger CountyMI9 acres
135 Powell LakeAlger CountyMI69 acres
136 Preacher LakeAlger CountyMI65 acres
137 Ready LakeAlger CountyMI66 acres
138 Red Jack LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
139 Rock LakeAlger CountyMI10 acres
140 Round LakeAlger CountyMI475 acres
141 Sand LakeAlger CountyMI50 acres
142 Sand LakeAlger CountyMI44 acres
143 Saul LakeAlger CountyMI50 acres
144 Scout LakeAlger CountyMI32 acres
145 Second LakeAlger CountyMI30 acres
146 Section 36 LakeAlger CountyMI12 acres
147Lake Seventeen Alger CountyMI27 acres
148 Shallow LakeAlger CountyMI8 acres
149 Shoe Lake (Upper)Alger CountyMI31 acres
150 Shoe Lake (Lower)Alger CountyMI21 acres
151 Silver LakeAlger CountyMI22 acres
152 Sister LakeAlger CountyMI14 acres
153 Sitka LakeAlger CountyMI35 acres
154 Sixteen Mile LakeAlger CountyMI442 acres
155 Skeels PondAlger CountyMI65 acres
156 Slowfoot LakeAlger CountyMI55 acres
157 Spruce LakeAlger CountyMI9 acres
158Lake Stella Alger CountyMI314 acres
159 Stoner Lake LakeAlger CountyMI80 acres
160 Sullivan LakeAlger CountyMI70 acres
161 Swede LakeAlger CountyMI13 acres
162 Teal Lake (Northeast)Alger CountyMI16 acres
163 Teal LakeAlger CountyMI59 acres
164 Temple LakeAlger CountyMI14 acres
165 Thornton LakeAlger CountyMI30 acres
166 Tie LakeAlger CountyMI58 acres
167 Townline LakeAlger CountyMI43 acres
168 Trappers LakeAlger CountyMI42 acres
169 Triangle LakeAlger CountyMI44 acres
170 Trout LakeAlger CountyMI42 acres
171 Twin Lake (Upper)Alger CountyMI12 acres
172 Twin Lake (Big)Alger CountyMI48 acres
173 Weber LakeAlger CountyMI65 acres
174 West Branch Lake (Southwest)Alger CountyMI24 acres
175 West Branch Lake (Southeast)Alger CountyMI9 acres
176 West Branch Lake (North)Alger CountyMI13 acres
177 Wetmore Lake (North)Alger CountyMI12 acres
178 Wetmore LakeAlger CountyMI24 acres
179 Wheelbarrow LakeAlger CountyMI52 acres
180 Whitefish LakeAlger CountyMI65 acres
181 Wise LakeAlger CountyMI26 acres
182 Wolf LakeAlger CountyMI28 acres

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