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Kalamazoo County MI Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 101 Lakes in Kalamazoo County

Kalamazoo County Lakes

1 Asylum LakeKalamazoo CountyMI33 acres
2 Atwater Mill PondKalamazoo CountyMI43 acres
3 Austin LakeKalamazoo CountyMI1,050 acres
4 Averill LakeKalamazoo CountyMI8 acres
5 Barton LakeKalamazoo CountyMI347 acres
6 Bass LakeKalamazoo CountyMI38 acres
7 Black LakeKalamazoo CountyMI109 acres
8 Blue LakeKalamazoo CountyMI42 acres
9 Bonnie Castle LakeKalamazoo CountyMI44 acres
10 Bryant PondKalamazoo CountyMI41 acres
11 Burnham LakeKalamazoo CountyMI17 acres
12 Butterfield LakeKalamazoo CountyMI22 acres
13 Campbell LakeKalamazoo CountyMI146 acres
14 Craven LakeKalamazoo CountyMI32 acres
15 Crooked LakeKalamazoo CountyMI162 acres
16 Duck LakeKalamazoo CountyMI28 acres
17 Duck LakeKalamazoo CountyMI18 acres
18 Dustin LakeKalamazoo CountyMI35 acres
19 Eagle LakeKalamazoo CountyMI73 acres
20 Eagle LakeKalamazoo CountyMI224 acres
21 East LakeKalamazoo CountyMI90 acres
22 Fish Camp PondKalamazoo CountyMI3 acres
23 Goose LakeKalamazoo CountyMI25 acres
24 Gourdneck LakeKalamazoo CountyMI222 acres
25 Graham LakeKalamazoo CountyMI10 acres
26 Grass LakeKalamazoo CountyMI13 acres
27 Grassy LakeKalamazoo CountyMI44 acres
28 Gull LakeKalamazoo CountyMI2,050 acres
29 Hamilton LakeKalamazoo CountyMI40 acres
30 Hampton LakeKalamazoo CountyMI22 acres
31 Harrison LakeKalamazoo CountyMI63 acres
32 Hogset LakeKalamazoo CountyMI81 acres
33 Indian LakeKalamazoo CountyMI758 acres
34 Kimble LakeKalamazoo CountyMI95 acres
35 Le Ferre LakeKalamazoo CountyMI12 acres
36 Leoni Mill PondKalamazoo CountyMI1 acres
37 Limekiln LakeKalamazoo CountyMI21 acres
38 Little Sugarloaf LakeKalamazoo CountyMI93 acres
39 Long LakeKalamazoo CountyMI575 acres
40 Lyons LakeKalamazoo CountyMI60 acres
41 McGinnis LakeKalamazoo CountyMI17 acres
42 Mill PondKalamazoo CountyMI37 acres
43 Mill PondKalamazoo CountyMI29 acres
44 Miller LakeKalamazoo CountyMI25 acres
45 Monarch Mill PondKalamazoo CountyMI21 acres
46 Morrow LakeKalamazoo CountyMI1,000 acres
47 Mud LakeKalamazoo CountyMI61 acres
48 Mud LakeKalamazoo CountyMI15 acres
49 Mud LakeKalamazoo CountyMI34 acres
50 Mud Lake (East)Kalamazoo CountyMI11 acres
51 Mud Lake (West)Kalamazoo CountyMI14 acres
52 Murry LakeKalamazoo CountyMI10 acres
53 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI60 acres
54 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI257 acres
55 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI45 acres
56 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI34 acres
57 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI81 acres
58 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI13 acres
59 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI148 acres
60 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI71 acres
61 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI14 acres
62 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI18 acres
63 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI8 acres
64 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI13 acres
65 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI33 acres
66 No Name LakeKalamazoo CountyMI13 acres
67 Paw Paw LakeKalamazoo CountyMI126 acres
68 Pickerel LakeKalamazoo CountyMI135 acres
69 Pine Island LakeKalamazoo CountyMI62 acres
70 Pond Lily LakeKalamazoo CountyMI20 acres
71 Portage LakeKalamazoo CountyMI180 acres
72 Portage LakeKalamazoo CountyMI180 acres
73 Potter LakeKalamazoo CountyMI24 acres
74 Pretty LakeKalamazoo CountyMI105 acres
75 Ruppert LakeKalamazoo CountyMI28 acres
76 Sagamaw LakeKalamazoo CountyMI32 acres
77 Schoonover LakeKalamazoo CountyMI12 acres
78 Scouters PondKalamazoo CountyMI16 acres
79 Sherman LakeKalamazoo CountyMI120 acres
80 South LakeKalamazoo CountyMI40 acres
81 Spring LakeKalamazoo CountyMI45 acres
82 Stony LakeKalamazoo CountyMI63 acres
83 Sugarloaf LakeKalamazoo CountyMI148 acres
84 Sugarloaf LakeKalamazoo CountyMI44 acres
85 Sunset LakeKalamazoo CountyMI97 acres
86 Thrall LakeKalamazoo CountyMI100 acres
87 Three Lakes (East)Kalamazoo CountyMI35 acres
88 Three Lakes (Middle)Kalamazoo CountyMI54 acres
89 Three Lakes (West)Kalamazoo CountyMI13 acres
90 Tub LakeKalamazoo CountyMI7 acres
91 Twin Lake (North)Kalamazoo CountyMI13 acres
92 Twin Lake (South)Kalamazoo CountyMI10 acres
93 Upjohn PondKalamazoo CountyMI79 acres
94 Uptegrove LakeKalamazoo CountyMI35 acres
95 Weeds LakeKalamazoo CountyMI60 acres
96 West LakeKalamazoo CountyMI335 acres
97 Whites LakeKalamazoo CountyMI33 acres
98 Whitford LakeKalamazoo CountyMI24 acres
99 Wintergreen LakeKalamazoo CountyMI44 acres
100 Wood LakeKalamazoo CountyMI18 acres
101 Woods LakeKalamazoo CountyMI29 acres

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