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Livingston County MI Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 164 Lakes in Livingston County

Livingston County Lakes

1 Ackerman LakeLivingston CountyMI26 acres
2 Appleton LakeLivingston CountyMI56 acres
3 Baetcke LakeLivingston CountyMI48 acres
4 Barber Lake (West)Livingston CountyMI10 acres
5 Bass LakeLivingston CountyMI141 acres
6 Beach LakeLivingston CountyMI48 acres
7 Bennett LakeLivingston CountyMI130 acres
8 Bently LakeLivingston CountyMI80 acres
9 Bishop LakeLivingston CountyMI119 acres
10 Bitten LakeLivingston CountyMI30 acres
11 Blaine LakeLivingston CountyMI48 acres
12 Briggs LakeLivingston CountyMI75 acres
13 Brighton LakeLivingston CountyMI600 acres
14 Brighton PondLivingston CountyMI32 acres
15 Buck LakeLivingston CountyMI43 acres
16 Bullard LakeLivingston CountyMI47 acres
17 Caroga LakeLivingston CountyMI23 acres
18 Cedar LakeLivingston CountyMI117 acres
19Lake Chemung Livingston CountyMI321 acres
20 Chenango LakeLivingston CountyMI29 acres
21 Chilson ImpoundmentLivingston CountyMI55 acres
22 Church LakeLivingston CountyMI6 acres
23 Clark LakeLivingston CountyMI24 acres
24 Clifford LakeLivingston CountyMI53 acres
25Lake Cohoctah CohoctahLivingston CountyMI21 acres
26 Cook LakeLivingston CountyMI6 acres
27 Coon LakeLivingston CountyMI106 acres
28 Cordley LakeLivingston CountyMI48 acres
29 Cranberry LakeLivingston CountyMI4 acres
30 Dibrova LakeLivingston CountyMI24 acres
31 Divine LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
32 Duck LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
33 Dunham LakeLivingston CountyMI100 acres
34 Durfee LakeLivingston CountyMI18 acres
35 Earl LakeLivingston CountyMI36 acres
36 East Crooked LakeLivingston CountyMI252 acres
37 Euler LakeLivingston CountyMI30 acres
38 Fausett LakeLivingston CountyMI39 acres
39 Fish LakeLivingston CountyMI40 acres
40 Fonda LakeLivingston CountyMI83 acres
41 Frog LakeLivingston CountyMI25 acres
42 Gale LakeLivingston CountyMI16 acres
43 Gallagher LakeLivingston CountyMI76 acres
44 Goodfellow LakeLivingston CountyMI8 acres
45 Gosling LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
46 Grass LakeLivingston CountyMI25 acres
47 Green Oak LakeLivingston CountyMI152 acres
48 Gut LakeLivingston CountyMI17 acres
49 Halfmoon LakeLivingston CountyMI244 acres
50 Hamburg LakeLivingston CountyMI88 acres
51 Handy LakeLivingston CountyMI60 acres
52 Hi-Land LakeLivingston CountyMI123 acres
53 Hidden LakeLivingston CountyMI30 acres
54 Hoisington LakeLivingston CountyMI125 acres
55 Howe LakeLivingston CountyMI14 acres
56 Inchwagh LakeLivingston CountyMI130 acres
57 Indian Lake (Central)Livingston CountyMI36 acres
58 Indian Lake (North)Livingston CountyMI32 acres
59 Indian Lake (South)Livingston CountyMI59 acres
60 Island LakeLivingston CountyMI140 acres
61 Lamb LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
62 Lamoreaux LakeLivingston CountyMI32 acres
63 Lawton LakeLivingston CountyMI18 acres
64 Lime LakeLivingston CountyMI40 acres
65 Limekiln LakeLivingston CountyMI28 acres
66 Logan Lake (South)Livingston CountyMI11 acres
67 Long LakeLivingston CountyMI146 acres
68 Louise LakeLivingston CountyMI60 acres
69 Lyons LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
70 Maltby LakeLivingston CountyMI37 acres
71 Maxfield LakeLivingston CountyMI90 acres
72 McConachie LakeLivingston CountyMI22 acres
73 McIntyre LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
74 Mill PondLivingston CountyMI49 acres
75 Mohican LakeLivingston CountyMI17 acres
76 Monahan LakeLivingston CountyMI16 acres
77 Moraine LakeLivingston CountyMI25 acres
78 Morse LakeLivingston CountyMI20 acres
79 Murray LakeLivingston CountyMI23 acres
80 Neff LakeLivingston CountyMI39 acres
81 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
82 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI70 acres
83 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI29 acres
84 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI11 acres
85 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
86 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
87 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
88 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
89 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI11 acres
90 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
91 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
92 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI18 acres
93 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
94 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI7 acres
95 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI78 acres
96 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI11 acres
97 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI18 acres
98 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
99 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI25 acres
100 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI46 acres
101 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
102 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI35 acres
103 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI11 acres
104 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI27 acres
105 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
106 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI15 acres
107 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI15 acres
108 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI21 acres
109 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI20 acres
110 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI15 acres
111 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
112 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI15 acres
113 No Name LakeLivingston CountyMI34 acres
114 Oak Grove LakeLivingston CountyMI49 acres
115Lake of the Pines Livingston CountyMI89 acres
116 Oneida LakeLivingston CountyMI65 acres
117 Ore LakeLivingston CountyMI220 acres
118 Osborn LakeLivingston CountyMI24 acres
119 Pardee LakeLivingston CountyMI81 acres
120 Parshalville PondLivingston CountyMI18 acres
121 Patterson LakeLivingston CountyMI170 acres
122 Pete LakeLivingston CountyMI24 acres
123 Pickerel LakeLivingston CountyMI26 acres
124 Pleasant LakeLivingston CountyMI84 acres
125 Putnam LakeLivingston CountyMI68 acres
126 Reed LakeLivingston CountyMI18 acres
127 Root LakeLivingston CountyMI16 acres
128 Round LakeLivingston CountyMI60 acres
129 Runyan LakeLivingston CountyMI165 acres
130 Rush LakeLivingston CountyMI100 acres
131 Ryan LakeLivingston CountyMI70 acres
132 Sabine LakeLivingston CountyMI18 acres
133 Sandy Bottom LakeLivingston CountyMI56 acres
134 Sayles LakeLivingston CountyMI33 acres
135 School LakeLivingston CountyMI79 acres
136Lake Serene Livingston CountyMI35 acres
137Lake Serenity Livingston CountyMI22 acres
138 Sewage Disposal PondLivingston CountyMI22 acres
139 Shannon LakeLivingston CountyMI262 acres
140 Sharp LakeLivingston CountyMI20 acres
141 Sheets LakeLivingston CountyMI61 acres
142 Stearns LakeLivingston CountyMI32 acres
143 Strawberry LakeLivingston CountyMI257 acres
144 Sullivan LakeLivingston CountyMI23 acres
145 Tamarack LakeLivingston CountyMI37 acres
146 Ten Mile LakeLivingston CountyMI38 acres
147 Thompson LakeLivingston CountyMI262 acres
148 Tioga LakeLivingston CountyMI60 acres
149 Triangle LakeLivingston CountyMI51 acres
150 Tyrone LakeLivingston CountyMI97 acres
151Lake Walden Livingston CountyMI125 acres
152 West Crooked LakeLivingston CountyMI176 acres
153 Whalen LakeLivingston CountyMI52 acres
154 Whitewood LakeLivingston CountyMI70 acres
155 Whitmore LakeLivingston CountyMI677 acres
156 Wildwing LakeLivingston CountyMI10 acres
157 Williamsville LakeLivingston CountyMI75 acres
158 Winans LakeLivingston CountyMI123 acres
159 Wolf LakeLivingston CountyMI12 acres
160 Woodburn LakeLivingston CountyMI67 acres
161 Woodland LakeLivingston CountyMI290 acres
162 Woodruff LakeLivingston CountyMI33 acres
163 Worden LakeLivingston CountyMI18 acres
164 Zukey LakeLivingston CountyMI155 acres

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