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Oakland County MI Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 358 Lakes in Oakland County

Oakland County Lakes

1 Alderman LakeOakland CountyMI40 acres
2Lake Angela Oakland CountyMI7 acres
3Lake Angelus Oakland CountyMI413 acres
4 Bailey LakeOakland CountyMI26 acres
5 Baker LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
6 Bald Eagle LakeOakland CountyMI124 acres
7 Baldwin LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
8 Bass LakeOakland CountyMI37 acres
9 Bevins LakeOakland CountyMI34 acres
10 Big LakeOakland CountyMI200 acres
11 Big School Lot LakeOakland CountyMI23 acres
12 Bloomfield LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
13 Bogie LakeOakland CountyMI50 acres
14Lake Braemar Oakland CountyMI75 acres
15 Brendel LakeOakland CountyMI89 acres
16 Bridge LakeOakland CountyMI21 acres
17 Buckell LakeOakland CountyMI30 acres
18 Buckhorn LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
19 Buckhorn Lake (North)Oakland CountyMI39 acres
20 Buckhorn Lake (South)Oakland CountyMI20 acres
21 Bunny Run LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
22 Bush LakeOakland CountyMI68 acres
23 Cady LakeOakland CountyMI2 acres
24Lake Camp Dearborn Oakland CountyMI17 acres
25 Carpenter LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
26 Carroll LakeOakland CountyMI33 acres
27 Cass LakeOakland CountyMI1,280 acres
28 Cedar LakeOakland CountyMI101 acres
29 Cedar Island LakeOakland CountyMI134 acres
30 Chalmers LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
31 Charlick LakeOakland CountyMI21 acres
32 Chase LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
33 Childs LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
34 Clam LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
35 Clam LakeOakland CountyMI21 acres
36 Clear Squaw LakeOakland CountyMI62 acres
37 Colley LakeOakland CountyMI86 acres
38 Cranberry LakeOakland CountyMI22 acres
39 Cranberry LakeOakland CountyMI56 acres
40 Cranberry LakeOakland CountyMI35 acres
41 Cranbrook LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
42 Crescent LakeOakland CountyMI90 acres
43 Crooked LakeOakland CountyMI68 acres
44 Crosby LakeOakland CountyMI49 acres
45 Cross LakeOakland CountyMI7 acres
46 Crotched LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
47 Crystal LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
48 Crystal LakeOakland CountyMI51 acres
49 Darby LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
50 Davis LakeOakland CountyMI29 acres
51 Davisburg LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
52 Deep LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
53 Deer LakeOakland CountyMI137 acres
54 Dickinson LakeOakland CountyMI38 acres
55 Dixie LakeOakland CountyMI61 acres
56 Downey LakeOakland CountyMI18 acres
57 Duck LakeOakland CountyMI253 acres
58 Eagle LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
59 Eliza LakeOakland CountyMI26 acres
60 Elizabeth LakeOakland CountyMI363 acres
61 Elkhorn LakeOakland CountyMI45 acres
62 Elliott LakeOakland CountyMI24 acres
63 Endicott LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
64 Erwin LakeOakland CountyMI31 acres
65 Fagan LakeOakland CountyMI56 acres
66 Fish LakeOakland CountyMI40 acres
67 Fish LakeOakland CountyMI22 acres
68 Flanders LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
69 Flemings LakeOakland CountyMI7 acres
70 Foley PondOakland CountyMI13 acres
71 Forest LakeOakland CountyMI40 acres
72 Foster LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
73 Fox LakeOakland CountyMI26 acres
74 Galloway LakeOakland CountyMI30 acres
75 Geneva LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
76Lake George Oakland CountyMI12 acres
77 Gilbert LakeOakland CountyMI52 acres
78 Graham Lake (Central)Oakland CountyMI9 acres
79 Graham Lake (West)Oakland CountyMI18 acres
80 Grampian LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
81 Grass LakeOakland CountyMI30 acres
82 Grass LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
83 Grass LakeOakland CountyMI118 acres
84 Gravel LakeOakland CountyMI34 acres
85 Green LakeOakland CountyMI22 acres
86 Green LakeOakland CountyMI166 acres
87 Greens LakeOakland CountyMI117 acres
88 Greens LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
89 Gulick LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
90 Hammond LakeOakland CountyMI85 acres
91 Handsome LakeOakland CountyMI22 acres
92 Harvey LakeOakland CountyMI18 acres
93 Haven Hill LakeOakland CountyMI69 acres
94 Hawk LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
95 Heather LakeOakland CountyMI64 acres
96 Heron LakeOakland CountyMI119 acres
97 Highland LakeOakland CountyMI53 acres
98 Hogback LakeOakland CountyMI44 acres
99 Holly Mill PondOakland CountyMI68 acres
100 Hollyshire LakeOakland CountyMI25 acres
101 Honeywell LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
102 Horseshoe LakeOakland CountyMI15 acres
103 Horton LakeOakland CountyMI15 acres
104 Howell LakeOakland CountyMI8 acres
105 Howland LakeOakland CountyMI20 acres
106 Hubbell PondOakland CountyMI66 acres
107 Hummer LakeOakland CountyMI39 acres
108 Huntoon LakeOakland CountyMI42 acres
109 Indian LakeOakland CountyMI58 acres
110 Indianwood LakeOakland CountyMI122 acres
111Lake Iroquois Oakland CountyMI55 acres
112 Island LakeOakland CountyMI101 acres
113 Island LakeOakland CountyMI40 acres
114 Judah LakeOakland CountyMI115 acres
115 Kelly LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
116 Kennedy LakeOakland CountyMI6 acres
117 Kent LakeOakland CountyMI1,200 acres
118 Kirby LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
119 Lacy LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
120 Lakeville LakeOakland CountyMI460 acres
121 Leonard LakeOakland CountyMI28 acres
122 Lester LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
123 Little Crotched LakeOakland CountyMI29 acres
124 Little School Lot LakeOakland CountyMI0 acres
125 Little Walters LakeOakland CountyMI17 acres
126 Lonesome LakeOakland CountyMI17 acres
127 Long LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
128 Long LakeOakland CountyMI31 acres
129 Long LakeOakland CountyMI94 acres
130 Long LakeOakland CountyMI146 acres
131 Loon LakeOakland CountyMI243 acres
132 Loon LakeOakland CountyMI78 acres
133 Lotus LakeOakland CountyMI179 acres
134Lake Louise Oakland CountyMI103 acres
135 Lower Long LakeOakland CountyMI178 acres
136 Lower Pettibone LakeOakland CountyMI89 acres
137 Lower Straits LakeOakland CountyMI235 acres
138 Lower Trout LakeOakland CountyMI2 acres
139 Maceday LakeOakland CountyMI219 acres
140 Mandon LakeOakland CountyMI26 acres
141 Manito LakeOakland CountyMI109 acres
142 Marl LakeOakland CountyMI18 acres
143Lake Mauna Loa Oakland CountyMI11 acres
144 McWithy LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
145 Mead LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
146 Meadow LakeOakland CountyMI20 acres
147 Middle LakeOakland CountyMI23 acres
148 Middle Straits LakeOakland CountyMI171 acres
149 Mill LakeOakland CountyMI30 acres
150 Minnock LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
151 Mirror LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
152 Mitchell LakeOakland CountyMI30 acres
153 Mohawk LakeOakland CountyMI23 acres
154 Moore LakeOakland CountyMI92 acres
155 Morgan LakeOakland CountyMI28 acres
156 Morgan LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
157 Morris LakeOakland CountyMI21 acres
158 Moss LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
159 Moss LakeOakland CountyMI55 acres
160 Mud LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
161 Mud LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
162 Mud Lake (Little)Oakland CountyMI9 acres
163 Mud PondOakland CountyMI35 acres
164 Municipal Water Supply LakeOakland CountyMI15 acres
165 Murray LakeOakland CountyMI50 acres
166 Narrin LakeOakland CountyMI21 acres
167Lake Neva Oakland CountyMI47 acres
168 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
169 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI15 acres
170 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
171 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI18 acres
172 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
173 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI15 acres
174 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
175 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
176 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
177 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
178 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
179 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
180 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
181 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
182 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
183 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI20 acres
184 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
185 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
186 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI4 acres
187 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
188 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
189 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI63 acres
190 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
191 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
192 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
193 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
194 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
195 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
196 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
197 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI40 acres
198 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
199 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI35 acres
200 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI37 acres
201 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI37 acres
202 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI44 acres
203 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
204 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
205 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI45 acres
206 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI35 acres
207 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI47 acres
208 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI41 acres
209 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI2 acres
210 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI22 acres
211 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI7 acres
212 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI20 acres
213 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI35 acres
214 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
215 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI4 acres
216 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI35 acres
217 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI46 acres
218 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
219 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
220 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
221 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
222 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI15 acres
223 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
224 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI17 acres
225 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI18 acres
226 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI33 acres
227 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
228 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI29 acres
229 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI23 acres
230 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI28 acres
231 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI26 acres
232 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI25 acres
233 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI28 acres
234 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI26 acres
235 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI20 acres
236 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI10 acres
237 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI65 acres
238 No Name LakeOakland CountyMI60 acres
239 North Commerce LakeOakland CountyMI173 acres
240Lake Oakland Oakland CountyMI235 acres
241Lake Ona Oakland CountyMI28 acres
242Lake One Camp Dearborn Oakland CountyMI26 acres
243 Orange LakeOakland CountyMI37 acres
244 Orchard LakeOakland CountyMI788 acres
245Lake Orion Oakland CountyMI506 acres
246 Osmun LakeOakland CountyMI15 acres
247 Otter LakeOakland CountyMI81 acres
248 Oxbow LakeOakland CountyMI290 acres
249 Oxford LakeOakland CountyMI115 acres
250 Oyster LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
251 Parke LakeOakland CountyMI23 acres
252 Parker LakeOakland CountyMI21 acres
253 Peninsula LakeOakland CountyMI22 acres
254 Perch LakeOakland CountyMI33 acres
255 Perry LakeOakland CountyMI80 acres
256 Phillip LakeOakland CountyMI27 acres
257 Phipps LakeOakland CountyMI54 acres
258 Pine LakeOakland CountyMI22 acres
259 Pine LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
260 Pine LakeOakland CountyMI395 acres
261 Pleasant LakeOakland CountyMI95 acres
262 Pleasant LakeOakland CountyMI41 acres
263 Ploss LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
264 Pontiac LakeOakland CountyMI640 acres
265 Powell LakeOakland CountyMI8 acres
266 Proud LakeOakland CountyMI49 acres
267 Pungs LakeOakland CountyMI11 acres
268 Rattalee LakeOakland CountyMI50 acres
269 Reed LakeOakland CountyMI32 acres
270 Rice LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
271 Robinson LakeOakland CountyMI17 acres
272 Round LakeOakland CountyMI18 acres
273 Round LakeOakland CountyMI37 acres
274 Round LakeOakland CountyMI46 acres
275 Rowe LakeOakland CountyMI28 acres
276 Schmitt LakeOakland CountyMI7 acres
277 Schoolhouse LakeOakland CountyMI37 acres
278 Scotch LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
279 Scott LakeOakland CountyMI77 acres
280 Sears LakeOakland CountyMI60 acres
281 Secord LakeOakland CountyMI55 acres
282 Seven Lake (Big)Oakland CountyMI170 acres
283 Seven Lake (Little)Oakland CountyMI16 acres
284 Seymour LakeOakland CountyMI67 acres
285 Shadow LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
286Lake Sherwood Oakland CountyMI181 acres
287 Sherwood Lake (North)Oakland CountyMI20 acres
288 Shiawassee LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
289 Silver LakeOakland CountyMI101 acres
290 Simonson LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
291 Simpson LakeOakland CountyMI13 acres
292 Simpson LakeOakland CountyMI7 acres
293Lake Sixteen Oakland CountyMI91 acres
294 Slating LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
295 Sloan LakeOakland CountyMI56 acres
296 Softwater LakeOakland CountyMI28 acres
297 South Commerce LakeOakland CountyMI119 acres
298 Spring LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
299 Spring LakeOakland CountyMI50 acres
300 Spring LakeOakland CountyMI15 acres
301 Square LakeOakland CountyMI89 acres
302 Square LakeOakland CountyMI94 acres
303 Stewart LakeOakland CountyMI32 acres
304 Stony LakeOakland CountyMI67 acres
305 Strawberry LakeOakland CountyMI27 acres
306 Sugden LakeOakland CountyMI66 acres
307 Susin LakeOakland CountyMI40 acres
308 Sylvan LakeOakland CountyMI8 acres
309 Sylvan LakeOakland CountyMI458 acres
310 Tamarack LakeOakland CountyMI24 acres
311 Taylor LakeOakland CountyMI30 acres
312 Teeple LakeOakland CountyMI48 acres
313 Terry LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
314 Tillamore LakeOakland CountyMI24 acres
315 Tipsico LakeOakland CountyMI301 acres
316 Tommys LakeOakland CountyMI42 acres
317 Tooley LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
318 Townsend LakeOakland CountyMI26 acres
319 Tray LakeOakland CountyMI12 acres
320 Tremper LakeOakland CountyMI4 acres
321 Tull LakeOakland CountyMI58 acres
322 Turtle LakeOakland CountyMI37 acres
323 Twin Lake (East)Oakland CountyMI12 acres
324 Twin Lake (West)Oakland CountyMI11 acres
325 Twin Sun Lake (East)Oakland CountyMI38 acres
326Lake Two Camp Dearborn Oakland CountyMI24 acres
327 Union LakeOakland CountyMI465 acres
328 Upper Bushman LakeOakland CountyMI9 acres
329 Upper Lakeville LakeOakland CountyMI32 acres
330 Upper Long LakeOakland CountyMI108 acres
331 Upper Pettibone LakeOakland CountyMI44 acres
332 Upper Silver LakeOakland CountyMI35 acres
333 Upper Straits LakeOakland CountyMI323 acres
334 Valley LakeOakland CountyMI38 acres
335 Van Norman LakeOakland CountyMI66 acres
336 Vhay LakeOakland CountyMI14 acres
337 Voorheis LakeOakland CountyMI182 acres
338 Wabeek LakeOakland CountyMI25 acres
339 Walled LakeOakland CountyMI670 acres
340 Walnut LakeOakland CountyMI232 acres
341 Walters LakeOakland CountyMI76 acres
342 Waterbury LakeOakland CountyMI36 acres
343 Watkins LakeOakland CountyMI238 acres
344 Wau-Me-Gah LakeOakland CountyMI5 acres
345 West Wind LakeOakland CountyMI23 acres
346 Whipple LakeOakland CountyMI75 acres
347 White LakeOakland CountyMI540 acres
348 Willdwood LakeOakland CountyMI53 acres
349 Williams LakeOakland CountyMI155 acres
350 Wilson LakeOakland CountyMI19 acres
351 Wing LakeOakland CountyMI108 acres
352 Winkler PondOakland CountyMI17 acres
353 Wolverine LakeOakland CountyMI241 acres
354 Woodbridge LakeOakland CountyMI18 acres
355 Woodhull LakeOakland CountyMI135 acres
356 Woodpecker LakeOakland CountyMI16 acres
357 Woodruff LakeOakland CountyMI43 acres
358 Wormer LakeOakland CountyMI27 acres

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