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Aitkin County MN Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 316 Lakes in Aitkin County

Aitkin County Lakes

1 Aitkin LakeAitkin CountyMN693 acres
2 Anderson LakeAitkin CountyMN91 acres
3 Anderson LakeAitkin CountyMN22 acres
4 Apple LakeAitkin CountyMN21 acres
5 Avenue LakeAitkin CountyMN28 acres
6 Bachelor LakeAitkin CountyMN53 acres
7 Baker LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
8 Ball Bluff LakeAitkin CountyMN168 acres
9 Bass LakeAitkin CountyMN89 acres
10 Bass LakeAitkin CountyMN56 acres
11 Bass LakeAitkin CountyMN32 acres
12 Bass LakeAitkin CountyMN120 acres
13 Bay LakeAitkin CountyMN35 acres
14 Bear LakeAitkin CountyMN123 acres
15 Bible LakeAitkin CountyMN19 acres
16 Big Logan LakeAitkin CountyMN22 acres
17 Big Pine LakeAitkin CountyMN635 acres
18 Big Sandy LakeAitkin CountyMN6,438 acres
19 Birch LakeAitkin CountyMN441 acres
20 Black Shadow LakeAitkin CountyMN22 acres
21 Blackface LakeAitkin CountyMN191 acres
22 Blackwater LakeAitkin CountyMN28 acres
23 Blind LakeAitkin CountyMN320 acres
24 Blue LakeAitkin CountyMN53 acres
25 Bone LakeAitkin CountyMN6 acres
26 Boot LakeAitkin CountyMN79 acres
27 Brennen LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
28 Brown LakeAitkin CountyMN68 acres
29 Brown LakeAitkin CountyMN87 acres
30 Camp LakeAitkin CountyMN19 acres
31 Camp LakeAitkin CountyMN105 acres
32 Camp LakeAitkin CountyMN59 acres
33 Camp LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
34 Carlson LakeAitkin CountyMN37 acres
35 Cartie LakeAitkin CountyMN20 acres
36 Cedar LakeAitkin CountyMN249 acres
37 Cedar LakeAitkin CountyMN1,745 acres
38 Chamberlin LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
39 Christmas LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
40 Clark Logan LakeAitkin CountyMN34 acres
41 Clear LakeAitkin CountyMN568 acres
42 Clear LakeAitkin CountyMN29 acres
43 Constance LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
44 Coon LakeAitkin CountyMN53 acres
45 Cornish Impoundment LakeAitkin CountyMN4 acres
46 Cranberry LakeAitkin CountyMN19 acres
47 Cranberry LakeAitkin CountyMN26 acres
48 Cranberry LakeAitkin CountyMN44 acres
49 Cutaway LakeAitkin CountyMN112 acres
50 Dagle LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
51 Dam LakeAitkin CountyMN597 acres
52 Davis (Main Bay) LakeAitkin CountyMN76 acres
53 Deer LakeAitkin CountyMN47 acres
54 Diamond LakeAitkin CountyMN81 acres
55 Dogfish LakeAitkin CountyMN34 acres
56 Douglas LakeAitkin CountyMN77 acres
57 Drain LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
58 Dummer LakeAitkin CountyMN30 acres
59 Dutch LakeAitkin CountyMN43 acres
60 Earl LakeAitkin CountyMN5 acres
61 East LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
62 Edna LakeAitkin CountyMN268 acres
63 Edquist LakeAitkin CountyMN38 acres
64 Elm Island LakeAitkin CountyMN518 acres
65 Esquagamah LakeAitkin CountyMN837 acres
66 Farm Island LakeAitkin CountyMN2,002 acres
67 Fleming LakeAitkin CountyMN314 acres
68 Floodwood Pond LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
69 Flowage LakeAitkin CountyMN731 acres
70 Four LakeAitkin CountyMN137 acres
71 Four LakeAitkin CountyMN40 acres
72 French LakeAitkin CountyMN149 acres
73 Glacier LakeAitkin CountyMN134 acres
74 Gregg LakeAitkin CountyMN32 acres
75 Gun LakeAitkin CountyMN717 acres
76 Hammal LakeAitkin CountyMN375 acres
77 Hanging Kettle LakeAitkin CountyMN316 acres
78 Hanson LakeAitkin CountyMN143 acres
79 Haveri LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
80 Hay LakeAitkin CountyMN128 acres
81 Hickory LakeAitkin CountyMN211 acres
82 Hill LakeAitkin CountyMN808 acres
83 Hill LakeAitkin CountyMN27 acres
84 Holy Water LakeAitkin CountyMN91 acres
85 Horseshoe LakeAitkin CountyMN240 acres
86 Horseshoe LakeAitkin CountyMN54 acres
87 Island LakeAitkin CountyMN243 acres
88 Jay LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
89 Jenkins LakeAitkin CountyMN114 acres
90 Johnson LakeAitkin CountyMN17 acres
91 Johnson LakeAitkin CountyMN22 acres
92 Johnson LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
93 Kangas LakeAitkin CountyMN47 acres
94 Kelly LakeAitkin CountyMN15 acres
95 Killroy LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
96 Kingsley Pothole LakeAitkin CountyMN27 acres
97 Krilwitz LakeAitkin CountyMN15 acres
98 Landgren LakeAitkin CountyMN33 acres
99 Langs LakeAitkin CountyMN27 acres
100 Laurel LakeAitkin CountyMN43 acres
101 Libby LakeAitkin CountyMN71 acres
102 Lily LakeAitkin CountyMN45 acres
103 Lily LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
104 Linde LakeAitkin CountyMN33 acres
105 Lingroth LakeAitkin CountyMN81 acres
106 Little Ball Bluff LakeAitkin CountyMN37 acres
107 Little Blackface LakeAitkin CountyMN22 acres
108 Little Hill Impound. LakeAitkin CountyMN134 acres
109 Little Logan LakeAitkin CountyMN18 acres
110 Little McKinney LakeAitkin CountyMN15 acres
111 Little Pine LakeAitkin CountyMN226 acres
112 Little Prairie LakeAitkin CountyMN72 acres
113 Little Red Horse LakeAitkin CountyMN32 acres
114 Little Ripple LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
115 Little Savanna LakeAitkin CountyMN20 acres
116 Little Sheriff LakeAitkin CountyMN32 acres
117 Little Spruce LakeAitkin CountyMN31 acres
118 Little Turtle LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
119 Lone LakeAitkin CountyMN433 acres
120 Long LakeAitkin CountyMN25 acres
121 Long LakeAitkin CountyMN432 acres
122 Long LakeAitkin CountyMN34 acres
123 Long LakeAitkin CountyMN35 acres
124 Loon LakeAitkin CountyMN34 acres
125 Lost LakeAitkin CountyMN28 acres
126 Louma LakeAitkin CountyMN18 acres
127 Mallard LakeAitkin CountyMN346 acres
128 Mandy LakeAitkin CountyMN87 acres
129 Maydole Logan LakeAitkin CountyMN69 acres
130 McKinney LakeAitkin CountyMN51 acres
131 Minnewawa LakeAitkin CountyMN2,355 acres
132 Monson LakeAitkin CountyMN46 acres
133 Moose LakeAitkin CountyMN144 acres
134 Moulton LakeAitkin CountyMN257 acres
135 Mud LakeAitkin CountyMN15 acres
136 Mud LakeAitkin CountyMN588 acres
137 Mud LakeAitkin CountyMN48 acres
138 Mud LakeAitkin CountyMN130 acres
139 Muskeg LakeAitkin CountyMN25 acres
140 Nelson LakeAitkin CountyMN57 acres
141 Newstrom LakeAitkin CountyMN77 acres
142 Nicholson Pond LakeAitkin CountyMN24 acres
143 Nord LakeAitkin CountyMN418 acres
144 Olds LakeAitkin CountyMN20 acres
145 Olson LakeAitkin CountyMN15 acres
146 Otter LakeAitkin CountyMN126 acres
147 Oxbow LakeAitkin CountyMN30 acres
148 Oxbow LakeAitkin CountyMN21 acres
149 Packer LakeAitkin CountyMN21 acres
150 Perkins LakeAitkin CountyMN17 acres
151 Perry LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
152 Pickerel LakeAitkin CountyMN98 acres
153 Pine LakeAitkin CountyMN377 acres
154 Pine Island LakeAitkin CountyMN41 acres
155 Poor Farm LakeAitkin CountyMN14 acres
156 Porcupine LakeAitkin CountyMN50 acres
157 Portage LakeAitkin CountyMN372 acres
158 Prescott LakeAitkin CountyMN8 acres
159 Previs LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
160 Rabbit LakeAitkin CountyMN211 acres
161 Raspberry LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
162 Rat LakeAitkin CountyMN431 acres
163 Rat House LakeAitkin CountyMN110 acres
164 Red LakeAitkin CountyMN92 acres
165 Remote LakeAitkin CountyMN133 acres
166 Rice LakeAitkin CountyMN77 acres
167 Rice LakeAitkin CountyMN3,698 acres
168 Ripple LakeAitkin CountyMN629 acres
169 Rock LakeAitkin CountyMN341 acres
170 Round LakeAitkin CountyMN553 acres
171 Round LakeAitkin CountyMN185 acres
172 Round LakeAitkin CountyMN633 acres
173 Round LakeAitkin CountyMN733 acres
174 Round LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
175 Salo WMA Impoundment LakeAitkin CountyMN312 acres
176 Sandabacka LakeAitkin CountyMN27 acres
177 Sanders LakeAitkin CountyMN34 acres
178 Sanders LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
179 Savanna LakeAitkin CountyMN85 acres
180 Schoolhouse LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
181 Section 25 LakeAitkin CountyMN47 acres
182 Section 25 Lake LakeAitkin CountyMN6 acres
183 Section Ten LakeAitkin CountyMN434 acres
184 Section Twelve LakeAitkin CountyMN170 acres
185 Sheriff LakeAitkin CountyMN88 acres
186 Shovel LakeAitkin CountyMN164 acres
187 Shumway LakeAitkin CountyMN74 acres
188 Sissabagamah LakeAitkin CountyMN400 acres
189 Sitas LakeAitkin CountyMN58 acres
190 Sixteen LakeAitkin CountyMN17 acres
191 Sjodin LakeAitkin CountyMN43 acres
192 Smith LakeAitkin CountyMN6 acres
193 Smith LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
194 Soderman LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
195 Spalding LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
196 Spectacle LakeAitkin CountyMN99 acres
197 Spirit LakeAitkin CountyMN523 acres
198 Split Rock LakeAitkin CountyMN27 acres
199 Spring LakeAitkin CountyMN28 acres
200 Spruce LakeAitkin CountyMN17 acres
201 Spruce LakeAitkin CountyMN61 acres
202 Starry LakeAitkin CountyMN81 acres
203 Starvation LakeAitkin CountyMN67 acres
204 Steamboat LakeAitkin CountyMN59 acres
205 Stony LakeAitkin CountyMN48 acres
206 Studhorse LakeAitkin CountyMN18 acres
207 Sugar LakeAitkin CountyMN18 acres
208 Sugar LakeAitkin CountyMN416 acres
209 Sunset LakeAitkin CountyMN221 acres
210 Swamp LakeAitkin CountyMN271 acres
211 Sweetman LakeAitkin CountyMN25 acres
212 Tarr LakeAitkin CountyMN21 acres
213 Taylor LakeAitkin CountyMN54 acres
214 Taylor LakeAitkin CountyMN46 acres
215 Thirty-One LakeAitkin CountyMN33 acres
216 Thornton LakeAitkin CountyMN161 acres
217 Three LakeAitkin CountyMN100 acres
218 Tiesen LakeAitkin CountyMN33 acres
219 Townhall LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
220 Townline LakeAitkin CountyMN67 acres
221 Townline LakeAitkin CountyMN113 acres
222 Turner LakeAitkin CountyMN63 acres
223 Turtle LakeAitkin CountyMN18 acres
224 Twenty LakeAitkin CountyMN123 acres
225 Twenty-one LakeAitkin CountyMN20 acres
226 Twin LakeAitkin CountyMN17 acres
227 Twin LakeAitkin CountyMN40 acres
228 Ude LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
229 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN18 acres
230 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN22 acres
231 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
232 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN22 acres
233 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
234 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
235 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN14 acres
236 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
237 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN15 acres
238 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
239 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
240 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN25 acres
241 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
242 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN15 acres
243 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN21 acres
244 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN36 acres
245 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
246 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN7 acres
247 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN8 acres
248 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
249 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
250 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
251 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN20 acres
252 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN8 acres
253 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
254 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
255 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN6 acres
256 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
257 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
258 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
259 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
260 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
261 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
262 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
263 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
264 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
265 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN8 acres
266 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
267 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN7 acres
268 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
269 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN12 acres
270 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
271 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN6 acres
272 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
273 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
274 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN34 acres
275 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
276 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN39 acres
277 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN5 acres
278 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN7 acres
279 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
280 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
281 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN16 acres
282 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN7 acres
283 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN6 acres
284 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN20 acres
285 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN17 acres
286 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
287 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
288 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN5 acres
289 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
290 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN11 acres
291 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN13 acres
292 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN8 acres
293 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN7 acres
294 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN20 acres
295 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN14 acres
296 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
297 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN8 acres
298 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
299 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN5 acres
300 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN17 acres
301 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN21 acres
302 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN3 acres
303 Unnamed LakeAitkin CountyMN9 acres
304 Unnamed (Rice) LakeAitkin CountyMN15 acres
305 Unnamed (Taylor) LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
306 Unnamed (Twin) LakeAitkin CountyMN10 acres
307 Upper Blind LakeAitkin CountyMN6 acres
308 Vanduse LakeAitkin CountyMN239 acres
309 Wakefield LakeAitkin CountyMN163 acres
310 Washburn LakeAitkin CountyMN61 acres
311 Waukenabo LakeAitkin CountyMN666 acres
312 West LakeAitkin CountyMN50 acres
313 Whispering LakeAitkin CountyMN20 acres
314 White Elk LakeAitkin CountyMN686 acres
315 Wilkins LakeAitkin CountyMN348 acres
316 Wolf LakeAitkin CountyMN173 acres

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