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Carlton County MN Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 114 Lakes in Carlton County

Carlton County Lakes

1 Bang LakeCarlton CountyMN60 acres
2 Bear LakeCarlton CountyMN50 acres
3 Bear LakeCarlton CountyMN100 acres
4 Benfield LakeCarlton CountyMN24 acres
5 Big LakeCarlton CountyMN529 acres
6 Black LakeCarlton CountyMN10 acres
7 Blackhoof LakeCarlton CountyMN40 acres
8 Bob LakeCarlton CountyMN75 acres
9 Cedar LakeCarlton CountyMN58 acres
10 Chub LakeCarlton CountyMN313 acres
11 Cloquet Res. LakeCarlton CountyMN198 acres
12 Coffee LakeCarlton CountyMN71 acres
13 Cole LakeCarlton CountyMN137 acres
14 Corona LakeCarlton CountyMN27 acres
15 Cranberry LakeCarlton CountyMN10 acres
16 Cross LakeCarlton CountyMN103 acres
17 Crystal LakeCarlton CountyMN42 acres
18 Cub LakeCarlton CountyMN16 acres
19 Dead Fish LakeCarlton CountyMN104 acres
20 Eagle LakeCarlton CountyMN388 acres
21 Echo LakeCarlton CountyMN108 acres
22 Eddy LakeCarlton CountyMN23 acres
23 Ellstrom LakeCarlton CountyMN28 acres
24 First LakeCarlton CountyMN18 acres
25 Flodin LakeCarlton CountyMN30 acres
26 Flower LakeCarlton CountyMN13 acres
27 Fond du Lac Reservoir LakeCarlton CountyMN277 acres
28 Forbay LakeCarlton CountyMN33 acres
29 Graham LakeCarlton CountyMN34 acres
30 Hanging Horn LakeCarlton CountyMN408 acres
31 Hardwood LakeCarlton CountyMN88 acres
32 Hay LakeCarlton CountyMN242 acres
33 Hizer LakeCarlton CountyMN30 acres
34 Jaskari LakeCarlton CountyMN76 acres
35 Kettle LakeCarlton CountyMN503 acres
36 Kettle LakeCarlton CountyMN22 acres
37 Knife Falls Reservoir LakeCarlton CountyMN55 acres
38 Kohring LakeCarlton CountyMN14 acres
39 Lac LakeCarlton CountyMN8 acres
40 Lac La Belle LakeCarlton CountyMN43 acres
41 Little Hanging Horn LakeCarlton CountyMN114 acres
42 Little Kettle LakeCarlton CountyMN13 acres
43 Long LakeCarlton CountyMN18 acres
44 Lost LakeCarlton CountyMN15 acres
45 Lost LakeCarlton CountyMN3 acres
46 Lower (South) Island LakeCarlton CountyMN319 acres
47 Mattlia LakeCarlton CountyMN65 acres
48 Merwin LakeCarlton CountyMN52 acres
49 Miller LakeCarlton CountyMN157 acres
50 Moose LakeCarlton CountyMN132 acres
51 Moosehead LakeCarlton CountyMN279 acres
52 Mud LakeCarlton CountyMN12 acres
53 Munson LakeCarlton CountyMN35 acres
54 Park LakeCarlton CountyMN381 acres
55 Perch LakeCarlton CountyMN671 acres
56 Railroad LakeCarlton CountyMN5 acres
57 Rice Portage LakeCarlton CountyMN116 acres
58 Rogers LakeCarlton CountyMN6 acres
59 Sand LakeCarlton CountyMN127 acres
60 Scanlon Reservoir LakeCarlton CountyMN68 acres
61 School LakeCarlton CountyMN13 acres
62 Second LakeCarlton CountyMN11 acres
63 Section One LakeCarlton CountyMN20 acres
64 Sofie LakeCarlton CountyMN36 acres
65 Soper LakeCarlton CountyMN31 acres
66 Spring LakeCarlton CountyMN36 acres
67 Spring LakeCarlton CountyMN26 acres
68 Spring LakeCarlton CountyMN18 acres
69 Springer LakeCarlton CountyMN8 acres
70 Spruce LakeCarlton CountyMN12 acres
71 St Louis Pond LakeCarlton CountyMN6 acres
72 Tamarack LakeCarlton CountyMN234 acres
73 Third LakeCarlton CountyMN16 acres
74 Thomson Reservoir LakeCarlton CountyMN389 acres
75 Torch Light LakeCarlton CountyMN126 acres
76 Twentynine LakeCarlton CountyMN51 acres
77 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN11 acres
78 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN16 acres
79 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN37 acres
80 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN16 acres
81 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN29 acres
82 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN6 acres
83 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN8 acres
84 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN10 acres
85 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN9 acres
86 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN13 acres
87 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN22 acres
88 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN22 acres
89 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN10 acres
90 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN12 acres
91 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN8 acres
92 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN10 acres
93 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN16 acres
94 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN11 acres
95 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN12 acres
96 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN11 acres
97 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN10 acres
98 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN17 acres
99 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN7 acres
100 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN28 acres
101 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN4 acres
102 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN12 acres
103 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN30 acres
104 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN8 acres
105 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN8 acres
106 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN7 acres
107 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN4 acres
108 Unnamed LakeCarlton CountyMN5 acres
109 Unnamed (Pat Martin) LakeCarlton CountyMN36 acres
110 Upper (North) Island LakeCarlton CountyMN113 acres
111 Venoah LakeCarlton CountyMN118 acres
112 Walli LakeCarlton CountyMN32 acres
113 Wild Rice LakeCarlton CountyMN55 acres
114 Woodbury LakeCarlton CountyMN57 acres

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