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Lake County MN Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 829 Lakes in Lake County

Lake County Lakes

1 Abinodji LakeLake CountyMN35 acres
2 Acorn LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
3 Adams LakeLake CountyMN474 acres
4 Adventure LakeLake CountyMN47 acres
5 Agamok LakeLake CountyMN117 acres
6 Ahmakose LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
7 Ahsub LakeLake CountyMN60 acres
8 Alger LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
9 Alice LakeLake CountyMN1,468 acres
10 Alseth LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
11 Alsike LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
12 Alworth LakeLake CountyMN200 acres
13 Amber LakeLake CountyMN121 acres
14 Amberger LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
15 Amimi LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
16 Amoeber LakeLake CountyMN409 acres
17 Andek LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
18 Anit LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
19 Annie LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
20 Arkose LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
21 Arrow - 1 LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
22 Arrow - 2 LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
23 Arrow - 3 LakeLake CountyMN25 acres
24 Art LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
25 Artlip LakeLake CountyMN60 acres
26 Ashdick LakeLake CountyMN108 acres
27 Ashigan LakeLake CountyMN153 acres
28 Assawan LakeLake CountyMN34 acres
29 Astray LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
30 August LakeLake CountyMN228 acres
31 Azion LakeLake CountyMN46 acres
32 Azure LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
33 Bag LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
34 Baird LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
35 Bakekana LakeLake CountyMN68 acres
36 Bald Eagle LakeLake CountyMN1,540 acres
37 Balmy LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
38 Balsam LakeLake CountyMN220 acres
39 Baltic LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
40 Bandana LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
41 Barter LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
42 Baskatong LakeLake CountyMN85 acres
43 Basswood LakeLake CountyMN14,070 acres
44 Beam LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
45 Bean LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
46 Bear LakeLake CountyMN43 acres
47 Bear LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
48 Beaver LakeLake CountyMN218 acres
49 Beaver Hut LakeLake CountyMN54 acres
50 Becoosin LakeLake CountyMN53 acres
51 Bedford LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
52 Beetle LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
53 Ben LakeLake CountyMN3 acres
54 Benezie LakeLake CountyMN60 acres
55 Benson LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
56 Besho LakeLake CountyMN35 acres
57 Bewon LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
58 Bill LakeLake CountyMN49 acres
59 Bine LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
60 Birch (Canada) LakeLake CountyMN439 acres
61 Birl LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
62 Black LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
63 Blesener LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
64 Blinker LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
65 Blissfull LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
66 Blue Wing LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
67 Bluebill LakeLake CountyMN34 acres
68 Bog LakeLake CountyMN252 acres
69 Boga LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
70 Bogberry LakeLake CountyMN80 acres
71 Bonanza LakeLake CountyMN48 acres
72 Bone LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
73 Bonga LakeLake CountyMN115 acres
74 Bonnie LakeLake CountyMN104 acres
75 Boot LakeLake CountyMN197 acres
76 Boulder LakeLake CountyMN259 acres
77 Bow LakeLake CountyMN84 acres
78 Bowstring LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
79 Boze LakeLake CountyMN76 acres
80 Brewis LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
81 Briar LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
82 Briddle LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
83 Bright LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
84 Browns LakeLake CountyMN218 acres
85 Bruin LakeLake CountyMN34 acres
86 Brunch LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
87 Brush LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
88 Bugo LakeLake CountyMN32 acres
89 Bullet LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
90 Bullfrog LakeLake CountyMN64 acres
91 Bullrush LakeLake CountyMN32 acres
92 Bunny LakeLake CountyMN36 acres
93 Bushel LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
94 Bushman LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
95 Bushwah LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
96 Byron LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
97 Cabin LakeLake CountyMN64 acres
98 Cacabic LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
99 Cache LakeLake CountyMN36 acres
100 Calamity LakeLake CountyMN48 acres
101 Calico LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
102 Camdre LakeLake CountyMN50 acres
103 Camp LakeLake CountyMN75 acres
104 Campers LakeLake CountyMN48 acres
105 Campfire LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
106 Canoe LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
107 Canta LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
108 Cap LakeLake CountyMN39 acres
109 Capote LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
110 Cargo LakeLake CountyMN25 acres
111 Carol LakeLake CountyMN104 acres
112 Carp LakeLake CountyMN125 acres
113 Cat LakeLake CountyMN43 acres
114 Cat Eyes LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
115 Cattyman LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
116 Caveman LakeLake CountyMN25 acres
117 Cedar LakeLake CountyMN465 acres
118 Chaco LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
119 Charity LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
120 Cherry LakeLake CountyMN153 acres
121 Chickadee LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
122 Chipmunk LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
123 Chippewa LakeLake CountyMN89 acres
124 Chow LakeLake CountyMN36 acres
125 Christianson LakeLake CountyMN148 acres
126 Circle LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
127 Clam LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
128 Clark LakeLake CountyMN49 acres
129 Clear LakeLake CountyMN247 acres
130 Clearwater LakeLake CountyMN640 acres
131 Clevise LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
132 Climax LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
133 Cloquet LakeLake CountyMN175 acres
134 Club LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
135 Coffee LakeLake CountyMN129 acres
136 Comfort LakeLake CountyMN47 acres
137 Conchu LakeLake CountyMN49 acres
138 Conic LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
139 Continental LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
140 Cook LakeLake CountyMN90 acres
141 Cook County LakeLake CountyMN44 acres
142 Cookoosh LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
143 Coon LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
144 Cortes LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
145 Cougar LakeLake CountyMN68 acres
146 Cowan LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
147 Cramer LakeLake CountyMN65 acres
148 Cramer Homestead LakeLake CountyMN26 acres
149 Crest LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
150 Crocket LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
151 Crooked LakeLake CountyMN271 acres
152 Crooked (Canada) LakeLake CountyMN5,352 acres
153 Crosscut LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
154 Crown LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
155 Culkin LakeLake CountyMN57 acres
156 Cup LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
157 Dam Five LakeLake CountyMN78 acres
158 Dan LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
159 Darlet LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
160 Delay LakeLake CountyMN101 acres
161 Delta LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
162 Denley LakeLake CountyMN43 acres
163 Diana LakeLake CountyMN49 acres
164 Dime LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
165 Dipper LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
166 Disappointment LakeLake CountyMN894 acres
167 Discovery LakeLake CountyMN34 acres
168 Divide LakeLake CountyMN61 acres
169 Dix LakeLake CountyMN112 acres
170 Don's LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
171 Douse LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
172 Doyle LakeLake CountyMN86 acres
173 Drag LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
174 Dragon LakeLake CountyMN79 acres
175 Drake LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
176 Driller LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
177 Drumstick LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
178 Dumbbell LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
179 Dumbbell LakeLake CountyMN406 acres
180 Dunnigan LakeLake CountyMN81 acres
181 Dutton LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
182 East LakeLake CountyMN81 acres
183 East Chub LakeLake CountyMN62 acres
184 Echo LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
185 Eddy LakeLake CountyMN121 acres
186 Edge LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
187 Edward LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
188 Egge LakeLake CountyMN47 acres
189 Eighteen LakeLake CountyMN102 acres
190 Eikala LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
191 Elixir LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
192 Elk LakeLake CountyMN37 acres
193 Ella Hall LakeLake CountyMN378 acres
194 Elton LakeLake CountyMN124 acres
195 Embla LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
196 Ensign LakeLake CountyMN1,411 acres
197 Eskwagama LakeLake CountyMN88 acres
198 Ester LakeLake CountyMN373 acres
199 Explorer LakeLake CountyMN52 acres
200 Fable LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
201 Faith LakeLake CountyMN26 acres
202 Fall LakeLake CountyMN2,258 acres
203 Fallen Arch LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
204 Fantail LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
205 Farm LakeLake CountyMN1,291 acres
206 Fast LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
207 Fee LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
208 Ferman LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
209 Ferne LakeLake CountyMN146 acres
210 Finn Pond LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
211 Fintch LakeLake CountyMN32 acres
212 Fire LakeLake CountyMN108 acres
213 Fish LakeLake CountyMN96 acres
214 Fishdance LakeLake CountyMN162 acres
215 Fisher LakeLake CountyMN69 acres
216 Fishfry LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
217 Fishtrap LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
218 Flapper LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
219 Flash LakeLake CountyMN82 acres
220 Flat Horn LakeLake CountyMN51 acres
221 Folly LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
222 Fool Hen LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
223 Fools LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
224 Found LakeLake CountyMN59 acres
225 Four LakeLake CountyMN765 acres
226 Fourth McDougal LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
227 Fourtown LakeLake CountyMN1,219 acres
228 Fran LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
229 Frank LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
230 Fraser LakeLake CountyMN695 acres
231 Frog LakeLake CountyMN53 acres
232 Frond LakeLake CountyMN57 acres
233 Fry LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
234 Fulton LakeLake CountyMN32 acres
235 Fungus LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
236 Gabbro LakeLake CountyMN980 acres
237 Gander LakeLake CountyMN116 acres
238 Garden LakeLake CountyMN653 acres
239 Gegoka LakeLake CountyMN145 acres
240 Gem LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
241 Gerund LakeLake CountyMN89 acres
242 Gesend Pond LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
243 Gibson LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
244 Gift LakeLake CountyMN37 acres
245 Gijikiki LakeLake CountyMN113 acres
246 Glacier Pond 1 LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
247 Glacier Pond 2 LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
248 Gobetween LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
249 Gogie LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
250 Goldeneye LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
251 Good LakeLake CountyMN175 acres
252 Grade Pond LakeLake CountyMN3 acres
253 Granite LakeLake CountyMN3 acres
254 Grass LakeLake CountyMN26 acres
255 Green Wing LakeLake CountyMN34 acres
256 Greenstone LakeLake CountyMN331 acres
257 Greenwood LakeLake CountyMN1,329 acres
258 Griddle LakeLake CountyMN27 acres
259 Grouse LakeLake CountyMN119 acres
260 Grub LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
261 Grubstake LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
262 Gull LakeLake CountyMN519 acres
263 Gunsten LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
264 Gypo LakeLake CountyMN48 acres
265 Gypsy LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
266 Hack LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
267 Ham LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
268 Hanson LakeLake CountyMN289 acres
269 Hanson LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
270 Harbor LakeLake CountyMN36 acres
271 Hare LakeLake CountyMN48 acres
272 Harica LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
273 Harmony LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
274 Harriet LakeLake CountyMN264 acres
275 Harris LakeLake CountyMN122 acres
276 Harry LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
277 Hatchet LakeLake CountyMN126 acres
278 Haven LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
279 Hawks Nest LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
280 Hazel LakeLake CountyMN95 acres
281 Heart LakeLake CountyMN38 acres
282 Helen LakeLake CountyMN56 acres
283 Hide LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
284 Highland LakeLake CountyMN109 acres
285 Highlife LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
286 Hjalmer LakeLake CountyMN91 acres
287 Hoe LakeLake CountyMN54 acres
288 Hogback LakeLake CountyMN40 acres
289 Hoist LakeLake CountyMN103 acres
290 Holiday LakeLake CountyMN32 acres
291 Holt LakeLake CountyMN115 acres
292 Homestead LakeLake CountyMN43 acres
293 Hood LakeLake CountyMN25 acres
294 Hope LakeLake CountyMN115 acres
295 Horse LakeLake CountyMN714 acres
296 Horsefish LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
297 Horseshoe LakeLake CountyMN205 acres
298 Hotfoot LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
299 Hube LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
300 Hudson LakeLake CountyMN427 acres
301 Hula LakeLake CountyMN130 acres
302 Hump LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
303 Humpback LakeLake CountyMN26 acres
304 Hush LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
305 Ima LakeLake CountyMN741 acres
306 Image LakeLake CountyMN53 acres
307 Incus LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
308 Indiana LakeLake CountyMN143 acres
309 Inga LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
310 Insula LakeLake CountyMN2,839 acres
311 Isabella LakeLake CountyMN1,257 acres
312 Jack LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
313 Jackfish LakeLake CountyMN224 acres
314 Jackpot LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
315 Jasper LakeLake CountyMN174 acres
316 Jenny LakeLake CountyMN102 acres
317 Jerky LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
318 Jewell LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
319 Jitterbug LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
320 John LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
321 John Ek LakeLake CountyMN70 acres
322 Johnson LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
323 Jordan LakeLake CountyMN142 acres
324 Jouppi LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
325 Jug LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
326 Juggler LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
327 Jump LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
328 Jupiter LakeLake CountyMN62 acres
329 Jut LakeLake CountyMN45 acres
330 Kaapoo LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
331 Kale LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
332 Kallio LakeLake CountyMN34 acres
333 Kamimela LakeLake CountyMN25 acres
334 Kane LakeLake CountyMN113 acres
335 Kangas LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
336 Kari LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
337 Katherine LakeLake CountyMN68 acres
338 Katydid LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
339 Kawasachong LakeLake CountyMN161 acres
340 Kawishiwi LakeLake CountyMN371 acres
341 Kayoskh LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
342 Kek LakeLake CountyMN54 acres
343 Kekekabic LakeLake CountyMN1,688 acres
344 Kekekabic Pond 1 LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
345 Kekekabic Pond 2 LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
346 Kekekabic Pond 3 LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
347 Kempton LakeLake CountyMN69 acres
348 Kennedy LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
349 Kettle LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
350 Kiana LakeLake CountyMN198 acres
351 Kickshaw LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
352 Kitigan LakeLake CountyMN72 acres
353 Kivandeba LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
354 Kivaniva LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
355 Knife LakeLake CountyMN3,711 acres
356 Kobe LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
357 Koma LakeLake CountyMN250 acres
358 Kowalski LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
359 Labrador Pond LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
360 Lake of the Clouds LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
361 Langley LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
362 Lax LakeLake CountyMN292 acres
363 Leatherleaf LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
364 Ledge LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
365 Leg LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
366 Legler LakeLake CountyMN50 acres
367 Lena LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
368 Leskinen LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
369 Lethe LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
370 Lillian LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
371 Link LakeLake CountyMN38 acres
372 Little Bear LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
373 Little Gabbro LakeLake CountyMN151 acres
374 Little Knife (Canada) LakeLake CountyMN266 acres
375 Little Spring LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
376 Little Wampus LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
377 Little Wilson LakeLake CountyMN54 acres
378 Lobo LakeLake CountyMN124 acres
379 Lois LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
380 Loki LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
381 Long LakeLake CountyMN37 acres
382 Lookout LakeLake CountyMN34 acres
383 Lost LakeLake CountyMN82 acres
384 Lounge LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
385 Lunar LakeLake CountyMN62 acres
386 Lunch LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
387 Lupus LakeLake CountyMN63 acres
388 Luster LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
389 Madden LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
390 Magnet LakeLake CountyMN38 acres
391 Maingan LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
392 Majava LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
393 Makwa LakeLake CountyMN128 acres
394 Malberg LakeLake CountyMN424 acres
395 Maniwaki LakeLake CountyMN103 acres
396 Manomin LakeLake CountyMN409 acres
397 Marathon LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
398 Marble LakeLake CountyMN68 acres
399 Marble LakeLake CountyMN153 acres
400 Medas LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
401 Median LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
402 Melon (Canada) LakeLake CountyMN3 acres
403 Meme LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
404 Micmac LakeLake CountyMN136 acres
405 Midas LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
406 Middle McDougal LakeLake CountyMN103 acres
407 Minerva LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
408 Mirror LakeLake CountyMN32 acres
409 Missionary LakeLake CountyMN98 acres
410 Mist LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
411 Mitawan LakeLake CountyMN191 acres
412 Moccasin LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
413 Moiyaka LakeLake CountyMN52 acres
414 Moose LakeLake CountyMN184 acres
415 Moose LakeLake CountyMN1,300 acres
416 Moosecamp LakeLake CountyMN170 acres
417 Morris LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
418 Mosquito LakeLake CountyMN48 acres
419 Mound LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
420 Mud LakeLake CountyMN182 acres
421 Mueller LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
422 Mugwump LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
423 Murphy LakeLake CountyMN121 acres
424 Museum LakeLake CountyMN62 acres
425 Muskeg LakeLake CountyMN193 acres
426 Muskrat LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
427 Muzzle LakeLake CountyMN75 acres
428 My LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
429 Myth LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
430 Nabek LakeLake CountyMN40 acres
431 Nave LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
432 Nawakwa LakeLake CountyMN93 acres
433 Neglige LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
434 Newfound LakeLake CountyMN642 acres
435 Newton LakeLake CountyMN516 acres
436 Nicado LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
437 Nickel LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
438 Niki LakeLake CountyMN55 acres
439 Nine A.M. LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
440 Ninemile LakeLake CountyMN296 acres
441 Nipisiquit LakeLake CountyMN58 acres
442 No-see-um LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
443 North Branch Kawishiwi LakeLake CountyMN568 acres
444 North Lark LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
445 North McDougal LakeLake CountyMN272 acres
446 North Wilder LakeLake CountyMN100 acres
447 Norway LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
448 Ogishkemuncie LakeLake CountyMN762 acres
449 Ojibway LakeLake CountyMN367 acres
450 Omaday LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
451 One LakeLake CountyMN975 acres
452 Orchid LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
453 Organ LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
454 Osier LakeLake CountyMN71 acres
455 Ottertrack LakeLake CountyMN341 acres
456 Outlaw LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
457 Ova LakeLake CountyMN26 acres
458 Paccini LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
459 Pace LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
460 Paco LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
461 Pagami LakeLake CountyMN49 acres
462 Pakwene LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
463 Pan LakeLake CountyMN96 acres
464 Pangi LakeLake CountyMN37 acres
465 Panhandle LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
466 Papoose LakeLake CountyMN38 acres
467 Parent LakeLake CountyMN450 acres
468 Path LakeLake CountyMN53 acres
469 Pea Soup LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
470 Pear LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
471 Pearl LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
472 Peavey LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
473 Pelt LakeLake CountyMN76 acres
474 Perdu LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
475 Perent LakeLake CountyMN1,639 acres
476 Peron LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
477 Phantom LakeLake CountyMN70 acres
478 Phospor LakeLake CountyMN40 acres
479 Pickerel LakeLake CountyMN181 acres
480 Pickle LakeLake CountyMN102 acres
481 Pietro LakeLake CountyMN337 acres
482 Pike LakeLake CountyMN77 acres
483 Pioneer LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
484 Pitcha LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
485 Pitfall LakeLake CountyMN39 acres
486 Placid LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
487 Planted LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
488 Plum LakeLake CountyMN72 acres
489 Plume LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
490 Polly LakeLake CountyMN485 acres
491 Pompous LakeLake CountyMN36 acres
492 Pond B LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
493 Porridge LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
494 Portage LakeLake CountyMN64 acres
495 Pose LakeLake CountyMN79 acres
496 Pouch LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
497 Powwow LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
498 Promise LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
499 Puffer LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
500 Quadga LakeLake CountyMN254 acres
501 Quartz LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
502 Rabbit LakeLake CountyMN117 acres
503 Rail LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
504 Railroad LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
505 Range LakeLake CountyMN81 acres
506 Rapture LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
507 Rat LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
508 Raven LakeLake CountyMN178 acres
509 Recline LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
510 Record LakeLake CountyMN36 acres
511 Red Dot LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
512 Red Pine LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
513 Redface LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
514 Redfin LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
515 Redskin LakeLake CountyMN43 acres
516 Reflection LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
517 Refuge Pond LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
518 Rice LakeLake CountyMN209 acres
519 Riddle LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
520 Ridgepole LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
521 Rifle LakeLake CountyMN39 acres
522 Robin LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
523 Rock Island LakeLake CountyMN54 acres
524 Rock of Ages LakeLake CountyMN63 acres
525 Roe LakeLake CountyMN75 acres
526 Rookie LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
527 Rota LakeLake CountyMN94 acres
528 Round Island LakeLake CountyMN58 acres
529 Sable LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
530 Saddle LakeLake CountyMN46 acres
531 Sagus LakeLake CountyMN159 acres
532 Sand LakeLake CountyMN487 acres
533 Sandpit LakeLake CountyMN60 acres
534 Sapphire LakeLake CountyMN34 acres
535 Saukko LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
536 Sauna LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
537 Sawmill LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
538 Scanlon LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
539 Scarp LakeLake CountyMN39 acres
540 Scotch LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
541 Scott LakeLake CountyMN27 acres
542 Screamer LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
543 Section 29 LakeLake CountyMN97 acres
544 Section Eight LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
545 Section Sixteen LakeLake CountyMN70 acres
546 Section Twelve LakeLake CountyMN49 acres
547 Sedative LakeLake CountyMN84 acres
548 Seed (Canada) LakeLake CountyMN48 acres
549 Sema LakeLake CountyMN74 acres
550 Shallow LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
551 Shamrock LakeLake CountyMN51 acres
552 Shepo LakeLake CountyMN49 acres
553 Shoepack LakeLake CountyMN51 acres
554 Shoofly LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
555 Short LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
556 Shoveller LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
557 Silver Island LakeLake CountyMN1,238 acres
558 Sink LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
559 Siren LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
560 Sister LakeLake CountyMN125 acres
561 Skindance LakeLake CountyMN53 acres
562 Skoota LakeLake CountyMN130 acres
563 Skull LakeLake CountyMN28 acres
564 Slade LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
565 Slate LakeLake CountyMN293 acres
566 Slowfoot LakeLake CountyMN45 acres
567 Slumber LakeLake CountyMN51 acres
568 Small LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
569 Smite LakeLake CountyMN40 acres
570 Snatch LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
571 Snowbank LakeLake CountyMN4,654 acres
572 Snusbox LakeLake CountyMN25 acres
573 Solitude LakeLake CountyMN61 acres
574 Sonju LakeLake CountyMN37 acres
575 Soup LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
576 Source LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
577 Sourdough LakeLake CountyMN25 acres
578 South Farm LakeLake CountyMN564 acres
579 South Hope LakeLake CountyMN85 acres
580 South McDougal LakeLake CountyMN287 acres
581 South Wigwam LakeLake CountyMN68 acres
582 South Wilder LakeLake CountyMN63 acres
583 Sova LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
584 Spear LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
585 Sphagnum LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
586 Spice LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
587 Spider LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
588 Spigot LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
589 Spinnan LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
590 Splash LakeLake CountyMN91 acres
591 Spoon LakeLake CountyMN255 acres
592 Spree LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
593 Sprig LakeLake CountyMN39 acres
594 Spruce LakeLake CountyMN68 acres
595 Spur LakeLake CountyMN27 acres
596 Square LakeLake CountyMN122 acres
597 Starlight LakeLake CountyMN103 acres
598 Starling LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
599 Steamhaul LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
600 Steer LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
601 Stewart LakeLake CountyMN237 acres
602 Stony LakeLake CountyMN248 acres
603 Stringer LakeLake CountyMN51 acres
604 Struggle LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
605 Strup LakeLake CountyMN76 acres
606 Stub LakeLake CountyMN89 acres
607 Sucker LakeLake CountyMN370 acres
608 Sullivan LakeLake CountyMN45 acres
609 Sumpet LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
610 Sundown LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
611 Superstition LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
612 Surprise LakeLake CountyMN37 acres
613 Swallow LakeLake CountyMN147 acres
614 Swamp LakeLake CountyMN35 acres
615 Swamp (Canada) LakeLake CountyMN97 acres
616 Swing LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
617 Sylvania LakeLake CountyMN73 acres
618 T LakeLake CountyMN295 acres
619 Tanner LakeLake CountyMN44 acres
620 Termulo LakeLake CountyMN33 acres
621 Tetagouche LakeLake CountyMN66 acres
622 Thermal LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
623 Thirty Three LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
624 Thomas LakeLake CountyMN1,465 acres
625 Thomas LakeLake CountyMN142 acres
626 Three LakeLake CountyMN905 acres
627 Thunderbird LakeLake CountyMN96 acres
628 Tick LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
629 Tickle LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
630 Tin Can Mike LakeLake CountyMN145 acres
631 Toe LakeLake CountyMN50 acres
632 Tofte LakeLake CountyMN133 acres
633 Tomahawk LakeLake CountyMN44 acres
634 Tommy LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
635 Tony LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
636 Topaz LakeLake CountyMN149 acres
637 Tornado LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
638 Totem LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
639 Tower LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
640 Townline LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
641 Trader LakeLake CountyMN53 acres
642 Tradition LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
643 Trail LakeLake CountyMN65 acres
644 Trappers LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
645 Travois LakeLake CountyMN47 acres
646 Treasure LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
647 Triangle LakeLake CountyMN299 acres
648 Trident LakeLake CountyMN93 acres
649 Trinity LakeLake CountyMN30 acres
650 Turkey LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
651 Turtle LakeLake CountyMN343 acres
652 Twenty Three LakeLake CountyMN52 acres
653 Twilight LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
654 Twin LakeLake CountyMN23 acres
655 Two LakeLake CountyMN553 acres
656 Two Deer LakeLake CountyMN44 acres
657 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
658 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
659 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
660 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
661 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
662 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
663 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
664 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
665 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
666 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
667 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
668 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
669 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
670 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
671 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
672 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
673 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
674 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
675 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN50 acres
676 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
677 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
678 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
679 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
680 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
681 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
682 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
683 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
684 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
685 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
686 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
687 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
688 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
689 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
690 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
691 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
692 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
693 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
694 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
695 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
696 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
697 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
698 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
699 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
700 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
701 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
702 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
703 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
704 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
705 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
706 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
707 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
708 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
709 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
710 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
711 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
712 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
713 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
714 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
715 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
716 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
717 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
718 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
719 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
720 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
721 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
722 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
723 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
724 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
725 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
726 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
727 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
728 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
729 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
730 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
731 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
732 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
733 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
734 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN20 acres
735 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
736 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
737 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
738 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN18 acres
739 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
740 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
741 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
742 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
743 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
744 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
745 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
746 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
747 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
748 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN16 acres
749 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
750 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
751 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
752 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
753 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
754 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN44 acres
755 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
756 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
757 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
758 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN27 acres
759 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN29 acres
760 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
761 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
762 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
763 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
764 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
765 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
766 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
767 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
768 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
769 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
770 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
771 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN269 acres
772 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
773 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN3 acres
774 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN3 acres
775 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
776 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN5 acres
777 Unnamed LakeLake CountyMN4 acres
778 Unnamed (Birdseye) LakeLake CountyMN12 acres
779 Unnamed (Blackstone) LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
780 Unnamed (Ennis) LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
781 Unnamed (Fred) LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
782 Unnamed (Hogstrom) LakeLake CountyMN6 acres
783 Unnamed (Judd) LakeLake CountyMN31 acres
784 Unnamed (Kuusi) LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
785 Unnamed (Pear) LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
786 Unnamed (Secret) LakeLake CountyMN9 acres
787 Unnamed (Sommers) LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
788 Unnamed (Sue) LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
789 Unnamed (Tonic) LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
790 Unnamed (Trust) LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
791 Unnamed (West Moccasin) LakeLake CountyMN7 acres
792 Upland LakeLake CountyMN75 acres
793 Uranus LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
794 Van LakeLake CountyMN93 acres
795 Vee LakeLake CountyMN35 acres
796 Vera LakeLake CountyMN250 acres
797 Victor LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
798 Vivian LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
799 Wabosons LakeLake CountyMN41 acres
800 Wadop LakeLake CountyMN42 acres
801 Wager LakeLake CountyMN10 acres
802 Wampus LakeLake CountyMN138 acres
803 Wanless LakeLake CountyMN77 acres
804 Warbler LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
805 Washte LakeLake CountyMN81 acres
806 Water Tank LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
807 Watonwan LakeLake CountyMN66 acres
808 Weapon LakeLake CountyMN8 acres
809 Weasel LakeLake CountyMN19 acres
810 Webfoot LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
811 Wedge LakeLake CountyMN13 acres
812 West Chub LakeLake CountyMN116 acres
813 Whitefish LakeLake CountyMN345 acres
814 Whittler LakeLake CountyMN17 acres
815 Whiz LakeLake CountyMN21 acres
816 Wilbar LakeLake CountyMN15 acres
817 Wilson LakeLake CountyMN650 acres
818 Wind LakeLake CountyMN926 acres
819 Windy LakeLake CountyMN455 acres
820 Wisini LakeLake CountyMN115 acres
821 Witness LakeLake CountyMN40 acres
822 Wolverine LakeLake CountyMN22 acres
823 Wood LakeLake CountyMN617 acres
824 Woodcock LakeLake CountyMN44 acres
825 Wooden Leg LakeLake CountyMN24 acres
826 Wye LakeLake CountyMN51 acres
827 Yoke LakeLake CountyMN14 acres
828 Your LakeLake CountyMN11 acres
829 Zitkala LakeLake CountyMN14 acres

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