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Ramsey County MN Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 111 Lakes in Ramsey County

Ramsey County Lakes

1 Bald Eagle LakeRamsey CountyMN1,046 acres
2 Beam Pond LakeRamsey CountyMN13 acres
3 Beaver LakeRamsey CountyMN82 acres
4 Bennett LakeRamsey CountyMN28 acres
5 Birch LakeRamsey CountyMN114 acres
6 Black LakeRamsey CountyMN8 acres
7 Brennans Pond LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
8 Burlington Pond LakeRamsey CountyMN16 acres
9 Casey LakeRamsey CountyMN12 acres
10 Charley LakeRamsey CountyMN27 acres
11 Como LakeRamsey CountyMN62 acres
12 Crosby LakeRamsey CountyMN38 acres
13 Deep LakeRamsey CountyMN62 acres
14 Diane LakeRamsey CountyMN4 acres
15 East Savage LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
16 East Vadnais LakeRamsey CountyMN392 acres
17 Emily LakeRamsey CountyMN12 acres
18 Evergreen Ponds LakeRamsey CountyMN7 acres
19 Farrel's LakeRamsey CountyMN10 acres
20 Frost LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
21 Gem LakeRamsey CountyMN18 acres
22 Gervais LakeRamsey CountyMN235 acres
23 Gervais Mill Pond LakeRamsey CountyMN0 acres
24 Gilfillan LakeRamsey CountyMN98 acres
25 Goose LakeRamsey CountyMN111 acres
26 Gramsie Pond LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
27 Handlo's LakeRamsey CountyMN6 acres
28 Heiner's LakeRamsey CountyMN10 acres
29 Island LakeRamsey CountyMN58 acres
30 Johanna LakeRamsey CountyMN211 acres
31 Jones LakeRamsey CountyMN4 acres
32 Josephine LakeRamsey CountyMN116 acres
33 Judy LakeRamsey CountyMN15 acres
34 Karth LakeRamsey CountyMN15 acres
35 Keller (main bay) LakeRamsey CountyMN73 acres
36 Kohlman LakeRamsey CountyMN84 acres
37 Langton LakeRamsey CountyMN21 acres
38 Little Johanna LakeRamsey CountyMN12 acres
39 Little Josephine LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
40 Little Pig's Eye LakeRamsey CountyMN27 acres
41 Loeb LakeRamsey CountyMN8 acres
42 Long LakeRamsey CountyMN172 acres
43 Mallard Pond (North) LakeRamsey CountyMN13 acres
44 Mallard Pond (South) LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
45 Marsden LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
46 Martha LakeRamsey CountyMN7 acres
47 McCarron LakeRamsey CountyMN72 acres
48 North Knucklehead LakeRamsey CountyMN3 acres
49 Oasis LakeRamsey CountyMN4 acres
50 Owasso LakeRamsey CountyMN374 acres
51 Ox (north portion) LakeRamsey CountyMN6 acres
52 Ox (south portion) LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
53 Pepper Tree Pond LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
54 Phalen LakeRamsey CountyMN197 acres
55 Pigs Eye LakeRamsey CountyMN583 acres
56 Pike LakeRamsey CountyMN32 acres
57 Pleasant LakeRamsey CountyMN566 acres
58 Pond 6 LakeRamsey CountyMN1 acres
59 Poplar LakeRamsey CountyMN38 acres
60 Poplar LakeRamsey CountyMN9 acres
61 Round LakeRamsey CountyMN10 acres
62 Round LakeRamsey CountyMN18 acres
63 Round LakeRamsey CountyMN107 acres
64 Rush LakeRamsey CountyMN45 acres
65 Sandy LakeRamsey CountyMN27 acres
66 Savage LakeRamsey CountyMN12 acres
67 Sherwood Pond LakeRamsey CountyMN3 acres
68 Shoreview LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
69 Silver (East) LakeRamsey CountyMN74 acres
70 Silver (West) LakeRamsey CountyMN70 acres
71 Snail LakeRamsey CountyMN157 acres
72 Spoon LakeRamsey CountyMN6 acres
73 Sucker LakeRamsey CountyMN63 acres
74 Sunfish LakeRamsey CountyMN9 acres
75 Teal Pond (Middle) LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
76 Teal Pond (North) LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
77 Teal Pond (South) LakeRamsey CountyMN6 acres
78 Turtle LakeRamsey CountyMN436 acres
79 Twin LakeRamsey CountyMN34 acres
80 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN10 acres
81 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN13 acres
82 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN9 acres
83 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN7 acres
84 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
85 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
86 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
87 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
88 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
89 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
90 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN5 acres
91 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN7 acres
92 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN3 acres
93 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
94 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN2 acres
95 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN17 acres
96 Unnamed LakeRamsey CountyMN1 acres
97 Unnamed (Black Tern Pond) LakeRamsey CountyMN32 acres
98 Unnamed (C. Rd. H2 Pond) LakeRamsey CountyMN3 acres
99 Unnamed (Lg. Lk. Rd HW10) LakeRamsey CountyMN20 acres
100 Unnamed (North Star) LakeRamsey CountyMN54 acres
101 Unnamed (Rice Creek Pond) LakeRamsey CountyMN6 acres
102 Unnamed (Varney) LakeRamsey CountyMN4 acres
103 Upper LakeRamsey CountyMN6 acres
104 Valentine LakeRamsey CountyMN53 acres
105 Wabasso LakeRamsey CountyMN42 acres
106 Wakefield LakeRamsey CountyMN21 acres
107 Walsh LakeRamsey CountyMN1 acres
108 West Vadnais LakeRamsey CountyMN211 acres
109 Wilkinson LakeRamsey CountyMN93 acres
110 Willow LakeRamsey CountyMN26 acres
111 Wood LakeRamsey CountyMN11 acres

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