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Iron County WI Lakes

Browse Maps & Satellite Images of 195 Lakes in Iron County

Iron County Lakes

1 Allen LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
2 American LakeIron CountyWI12 acres
3Lake Barbara Iron CountyWI25 acres
4 Barrel Spring LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
5 Bass LakeIron CountyWI16 acres
6 Bass LakeIron CountyWI15 acres
7 Bear LakeIron CountyWI23 acres
8 Bearskull LakeIron CountyWI77 acres
9 Beaver LakeIron CountyWI17 acres
10 Beaver LakeIron CountyWI19 acres
11 Belding LakeIron CountyWI7 acres
12 Big Pine LakeIron CountyWI632 acres
13 Birch LakeIron CountyWI63 acres
14 Black LakeIron CountyWI29 acres
15 Black River LakeIron CountyWI0 acres
16 Bluegill LakeIron CountyWI19 acres
17 Boot LakeIron CountyWI180 acres
18 Brandt LakeIron CountyWI11 acres
19 Brandt LakeIron CountyWI11 acres
20 Brush LakeIron CountyWI33 acres
21 Camp LakeIron CountyWI13 acres
22 Cap Henry LakeIron CountyWI48 acres
23 Catherine LakeIron CountyWI118 acres
24 Cedar LakeIron CountyWI193 acres
25 Charnley LakeIron CountyWI71 acres
26 Clear LakeIron CountyWI67 acres
27 Cramer LakeIron CountyWI31 acres
28 Cranberry LakeIron CountyWI64 acres
29 Cranberry LakeIron CountyWI12 acres
30 Creeds FlowageIron CountyWI34 acres
31 Crystal LakeIron CountyWI95 acres
32 Cub LakeIron CountyWI12 acres
33 Davis LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
34Lac De Beaumont Iron CountyWI12 acres
35 Dead Horse LakeIron CountyWI14 acres
36 Deer LakeIron CountyWI35 acres
37 Deertail LakeIron CountyWI10 acres
38 Dollar LakeIron CountyWI7 acres
39Lake Dorothy Iron CountyWI20 acres
40 Doud LakeIron CountyWI22 acres
41 Du Page LakeIron CountyWI32 acres
42 Duck LakeIron CountyWI32 acres
43 Duck LakeIron CountyWI13 acres
44 Dumbbell LakeIron CountyWI15 acres
45 East Twin LakeIron CountyWI20 acres
46 Echo LakeIron CountyWI220 acres
47 Emerson LakeIron CountyWI5 acres
48 Ess LakeIron CountyWI55 acres
49Lake Evelyn Iron CountyWI55 acres
50 Fat LakeIron CountyWI99 acres
51 Fawn LakeIron CountyWI20 acres
52 Feely LakeIron CountyWI22 acres
53 Ferry LakeIron CountyWI73 acres
54 Fifteen LakeIron CountyWI21 acres
55 First Black LakeIron CountyWI16 acres
56 Fisher LakeIron CountyWI452 acres
57 Fox LakeIron CountyWI46 acres
58 French LakeIron CountyWI92 acres
59 Frog LakeIron CountyWI42 acres
60 Gile FlowageIron CountyWI3,384 acres
61 Goose LakeIron CountyWI11 acres
62 Grand Portage LakeIron CountyWI144 acres
63 Grant LakeIron CountyWI107 acres
64 Grey LakeIron CountyWI35 acres
65 Hawk LakeIron CountyWI29 acres
66 Hay Creek FlowageIron CountyWI64 acres
67 Hazel LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
68 Hewitt LakeIron CountyWI78 acres
69 Hill LakeIron CountyWI21 acres
70 Horseshoe LakeIron CountyWI21 acres
71 Island LakeIron CountyWI56 acres
72 Island LakeIron CountyWI352 acres
73 Jeannie LakeIron CountyWI13 acres
74 Kelly LakeIron CountyWI32 acres
75 Kinder LakeIron CountyWI18 acres
76Lake Lavina Iron CountyWI63 acres
77 Lehto LakeIron CountyWI52 acres
78 Little Cap Henry LakeIron CountyWI20 acres
79 Little Martha LakeIron CountyWI35 acres
80 Little Moose LakeIron CountyWI13 acres
81 Little Muskie LakeIron CountyWI47 acres
82 Little Oak LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
83 Little Oxbow LakeIron CountyWI16 acres
84 Little Pike LakeIron CountyWI98 acres
85 Little Pine LakeIron CountyWI19 acres
86 Little Turtle FlowageIron CountyWI200 acres
87 Long LakeIron CountyWI373 acres
88 Lost LakeIron CountyWI1 acres
89 Lower Springstead LakeIron CountyWI95 acres
90 Maki LakeIron CountyWI43 acres
91 Margaret LakeIron CountyWI35 acres
92 Martha LakeIron CountyWI146 acres
93 Marty LakeIron CountyWI13 acres
94 McCarthy LakeIron CountyWI47 acres
95 McDermott LakeIron CountyWI84 acres
96 Mercer LakeIron CountyWI184 acres
97 Minnow LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
98 Mirror LakeIron CountyWI58 acres
99 Moose LakeIron CountyWI269 acres
100 Mud LakeIron CountyWI56 acres
101 Mud LakeIron CountyWI25 acres
102 Munnomin LakeIron CountyWI21 acres
103 Muskie LakeIron CountyWI81 acres
104 Mystery LakeIron CountyWI13 acres
105 Negani LakeIron CountyWI18 acres
106 Net LakeIron CountyWI23 acres
107Lake Nine Iron CountyWI60 acres
108 Nokomis LakeIron CountyWI18 acres
109 Norma LakeIron CountyWI7 acres
110 North Bass LakeIron CountyWI180 acres
111 North Grant LakeIron CountyWI14 acres
112 North Sister LakeIron CountyWI10 acres
113 North Snowshoe LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
114 North Twin LakeIron CountyWI36 acres
115 NorthPine LakeIron CountyWI10 acres
116 Norway Pine LakeIron CountyWI30 acres
117 O'Brien LakeIron CountyWI84 acres
118 Oak LakeIron CountyWI29 acres
119 Obadash LakeIron CountyWI11 acres
120Lake Of The Falls Iron CountyWI338 acres
121Lake One Iron CountyWI22 acres
122 One Man LakeIron CountyWI26 acres
123 Oriole LakeIron CountyWI22 acres
124 Otter LakeIron CountyWI5 acres
125 Owl LakeIron CountyWI129 acres
126 Oxbow LakeIron CountyWI80 acres
127 Pardee LakeIron CountyWI206 acres
128 Payment LakeIron CountyWI66 acres
129 Pike LakeIron CountyWI194 acres
130 Pine LakeIron CountyWI312 acres
131 Pleasant LakeIron CountyWI73 acres
132 Plunkett LakeIron CountyWI48 acres
133 Popko LakeIron CountyWI2 acres
134 Randall LakeIron CountyWI115 acres
135 Reservation Line LakeIron CountyWI47 acres
136 Rice LakeIron CountyWI15 acres
137 Rice LakeIron CountyWI125 acres
138 Ruby LakeIron CountyWI37 acres
139 Sack LakeIron CountyWI21 acres
140 San Domingo LakeIron CountyWI39 acres
141 Sand LakeIron CountyWI101 acres
142 Sandy Beach LakeIron CountyWI111 acres
143 Saskatoon LakeIron CountyWI10 acres
144 Second Black LakeIron CountyWI60 acres
145 Seven Acres LakeIron CountyWI9 acres
146 Shay LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
147 Shine LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
148 Shirley LakeIron CountyWI12 acres
149Lake Six Iron CountyWI147 acres
150 South Bass LakeIron CountyWI90 acres
151 South Sister LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
152 South Snowshoe LakeIron CountyWI20 acres
153 South Twin LakeIron CountyWI26 acres
154 Spider LakeIron CountyWI352 acres
155 Spinnet LakeIron CountyWI14 acres
156 Spring LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
157 Stone LakeIron CountyWI82 acres
158Lake Tahoe Iron CountyWI37 acres
159 Tamarack LakeIron CountyWI14 acres
160 Teal LakeIron CountyWI25 acres
161Lake Ten Iron CountyWI12 acres
162 Third Black LakeIron CountyWI68 acres
163 Thomas LakeIron CountyWI15 acres
164 Trap LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
165 Trude LakeIron CountyWI781 acres
166 Turtle Flambeau FlowageIron CountyWI13,545 acres
167 Twin LakeIron CountyWI34 acres
168 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI5 acres
169 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
170 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
171 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI11 acres
172 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
173 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI5 acres
174 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
175 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
176 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
177 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI0 acres
178 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
179 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI6 acres
180 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI8 acres
181 Unnamed LakeIron CountyWI13 acres
182 Upper Springstead LakeIron CountyWI126 acres
183 Upson LakeIron CountyWI46 acres
184 Viola LakeIron CountyWI7 acres
185 Virgin LakeIron CountyWI119 acres
186 Voss LakeIron CountyWI7 acres
187 Wallace LakeIron CountyWI7 acres
188 Weber LakeIron CountyWI35 acres
189 Weber LakeIron CountyWI61 acres
190 West Randall LakeIron CountyWI9 acres
191 West Reimer LakeIron CountyWI12 acres
192 West Twin LakeIron CountyWI33 acres
193 West Twin LakeIron CountyWI9 acres
194 Wilson LakeIron CountyWI162 acres
195 Woodson LakeIron CountyWI27 acres

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